About us

We’ve been hunting since our childhoods. This passion has been inherited in our families for generations. Because we are proud of our hunting traditions, we are constantly trying to improve ourselves and to discover new methods. We want to constantly improve And also simplify our mission and work. The game management and hunting is our lifestyle, so we are trying to make it as pleasant and efficient as possible.

We are excited to announce that our mission realized together with the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and Ordo Sancti Huberti culminated to first success – Hunterra hunting and game management platform. We are presenting an iOS, Android and also a web application – a partner application of Czech hunters (<a href=”https://www.cmmj.cz”>CMMJ</a>).

Our aim was not to reinvent a wheel, so we started with an identification and analysis of existing outdoor apps. Unfortunately we didn’t find a tool providing us a suitable set of features needed for serious game management. Therefore we accepted the challenge to develop an ultimate platform for our purposes. And also purposes of our hunting friends. We requested 300 CZ/SK hunters to understand their needs.

The results of the questionnaire were inspiring in many aspects, but in global, not surprising. We realized that we are on the same page. Our first steps were focused on driven hunts and sharing positions of participants, as well as dogs. Based on the questionnaire results, then we brought our attention to individual hunts.

Today, we are proud to introduce our hunting platform Hunterra and we are looking forward to your feedback. We plan a number of new features. Stay with us and let’s hunt together.