Before you send us your request, please review the following instructions. Also, go through our frequently asked questions and answers on the most often topics. Some interesting topics and instructions are addressed on our Facebook profile. Instruction movies have been created using iOS smartphone. The buttons and menus organization can slightly differ on Android devices. Also bear in mind, the movies use CZ language.

At the end of this page, you can find QR codes for downloading a Garmin Fenix widgets allowing you to pair your Garmin Alpha/Astro device with Hunterra. As the Hunterra widget is simple application presenting directions and distances of your dogs on separate screens, you may prefer to download more advanced alternative – the Tracker+ application.

New user registration
Password reset
New ground creation
Registration to the hunting ground
Hunting ground members management
Hunting groun mapping, change of borders
Location sharing, user tracking
Dogtrace x30 pairing
Garmin Alpah 100 + Fenix 6 pairing
New event creation, registration to the event, participants management
Hunterra app for Garmin
Hunterra app for Garmin Fenix (Instructions)
Tracker for Hunterra
Tracker+ for Garmin Fenix (Instructions)