User account suspension/deletion

Dear Hunterra users, please bear in mind that your account can be deleted only in case that all the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • No ground, you have created, contains data of other users;
  • You deleted all the grounds you previously created;
  • You never created any event;
  • You never joined any event;
  • There are no points of interests, shapes, lines, trajectories created by you in any ground or event.

The reason why we require you to fulfill all above listed conditions is to (1) protect data, (2) rights and (3) legal duties of other users. If you do not comply with all listed requirements, please bear in mind that your account can not be deleted, but only suspended. In that case your personal data will remain stored in the Hunterra and will be available to authorised users of the period of time required by the local law. In that case, you can not register to Hunterra using the same e-mail. However your account can be reactivated by requesting the password reset.

If you fulfill all above listed conditions, your account and all data will be permanently deleted. You can register to Hunterra using the same e-mail in the future.